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Testimonials from previous clients

“Working with Eric has floored me again and again, but never in the ways I would have expected when I started.

I've had Eric ask me a question, then listen to my answer, and then out of nowhere relate it to something I said months before, in a way that shows me a pattern I wasn't even aware was there. That's incredibly powerful (and empowering), and he's done it again and again.”

Wes, entrepreneur

Victor, entrepreneur

"When I look back at the story of the year we worked together, he's the one who helped me turn things around. I had a healthier view of myself and my world, and I had better tools to continue moving forward."

Marie, design researcher

"After only one meeting with Eric, I was inspired and driven to begin the hard work necessary to make a career change. I enthusiastically recommend talking to Eric if you’re pondering a career change, feeling stuck or unmotivated, or struggling to just get through the everyday at work."

Seppo, entrepreneur

"Eric is an extraordinary, rare, and valuable resource. He was driven to help me. He gave me incredibly thoughtful, caring feedback that comes from an incredible and broad base of experience. He brought me a perspective I had not seen before, and he never gave me trite, superficial advice. He challenged how I thought, and often broke my assumptions about what I thought I knew.

Most of all, he's incredibly engaged. He doesn't do things half way. I've bounced what I thought were minor things off of Eric just as a sounding board, and ended up in a discussion that changes my whole worldview about a topic, because he loves to dive down the rabbit hole & figure out why things really work (or don't work)."